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How to use | Fabric Shaver

What can you do about a sweater that is pilling? Or what can you do about balls that have formed on your favorite scarf? We got you!

With the Luxury Electric Lint Remover you'll have your favorite piece of clothing patched up again in no time!

We understand better than anyone how annoying it is when your favorite piece of clothing starts to fluff or pill. Pills are created when a substance rubs against each other many times. The more often you wear a piece of clothing, the faster pills form, often around areas at the armpits, neck and sleeves. For this reason, we have developed a beautiful, stylish, clothing shaver!

How do you use a cordless fabric shaver?

Unfortunately, even the very best quality clothing can start to pill...
But don't worry: with this Electric Fabric Shaver, unkempt looking sweaters are a thing of the past!

1. Make sure the fabric shaver is properly charged.
2. Lay the garment flat, preferably on a paved surface.
3. Remove the magnetic protective cap, and press the power button.
4. Go over the pilled areas of the fabric in a circular motion.
5. Done! Your garment will look fantastic again!

How do you clean the depilator?

Are you done with this quick nice refresh for your garment? Don't forget to clean the depiller! This way you can get started right away next time. Read tips below on how to easily clean the fabric shaver:

1. Remove the magnetic protective cap
2. Unscrew the transparent ring
3. Use the supplied brush to remove the fluff from the appliance. You can also do this with your fingers.
4. Do you also want to clean the blades? Then also unscrew the metal ring that covers the blades for protection.
6. Blow on the device a few times to remove all traces of dust.
7. Turn the metal ring back over the blades. And then also turn the transparent ring back on the device. Now you're ready to shave again!

NB! When the ring is loosened, the blades are locked out of protection. Only when the ring is completely screwed back on properly will the device work again when you press the button.

How do you charge the lint remover?

The lint trimmer can be used non-stop for about 50 minutes on average .
An average shave takes about 5-10 minutes.
When the fabric shaver is empty, you can easily charge it with the supplied USB cable. Full charging takes an average of 5 hours.

Can I easily injure myself with an electric depilator?

The blades are sharp enough to shave away balls of dust, but they are not sharp enough to injure you if you go over your skin with them. Keep the device away from children and use it only as described in the user manual.

Fun fact: one of our colleagues once tried the device to shave his arm hair / beard, but unfortunately; the blades are really too blurry for this. But let's just use the device for what it is intended for: shaving clothes! ;)

Which fabric does not pill?

All fabrics pill. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the quality of the fabric. Top quality also pays off. The only fabric in the world that hardly pills, if at all, is Alpaca wool.

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Last but not least: take better care of the clothes you already have!

Use the right care products to care for your clothes. Do not unnecessarily put your clothes in the washing machine, but for example run a clothes steamer over them to freshen up the fabric, or hang the fabric outside to air out. Does a substance pill? Or is there lint on it? Use a fabric brush or lint remover to breathe new life into the fabric. It certainly doesn't have to be thrown away. Use gentle detergent, without chemicals and harmful substances for your garment. This way the fabric lasts much longer!