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How to use | Clothes roller, adhesive roller

Find out how best to use the STEAMRS deluxe clothes roller and what makes this lint roller different from other lint rollers on the market. Choose luxury, durability and convenience with this beautiful clothes roller and let your clothes shine.


Easy, fast and sustainable

A clothes roller is a handy gadget to remove fluff, dust and (pet) hair from your clothes . The clothes roller consists of a handle and a roller. The roller has an adhesive layer. By rolling the roller over the clothing, the dirt is removed from the clothing, because it sticks to the adhesive layer. What makes the STEAMRS clothing roller different is that the rollers are made of a sustainable and recycled material, which reduces the ecological footprint. Most clothing rollers are produced as a disposable product - made from the cheapest plastic, paper and adhesive glue. At STEAMRS, we are on a mission to make garment care easy, fast, fun and sustainable. This clothing roller is therefore completely sustainably produced from recycled materials.

Handy to store

A common point of frustration when using adhesive rollers is the hassle of storing them after use. The adhesive rolls adhere firmly and stick to anything. This problem was high on the agenda when designing the Luxury Clothes Roller from STEAMRS: the clothes roller had to be easy to store. That is why the handy storage cover has been developed. This allows the roll to be easily closed and stored.

Strong, caring and durable bonding method

There are countless spot-cheap alternatives to clothes rollers available. These low-cost options are made from the cheapest materials and are often intended for one use before being thrown away. However, it is crucial that the adhesive on the rollers is not too aggressive and not too tacky, but also not too weak, so that hair and lint are not effectively removed from the fabric. It was a challenge to find the perfect balance in the adhesive strength and to use an adhesive that is also durable. STEAMRS adhesive rolls, on the other hand, are made from sustainable and recycled materials and have a caring effect on textiles. They effortlessly remove all fluff and hair, while the textile fibers remain undamaged and protected.

How do you use the STEAMRS clothes roller?

Step 1:

Open the clothes roller cover. You will now see the adhesive roll in the holder. It does not stick yet, since it has a protective paper over it. To make the roll stick, remove this sheet. Find a tip/end on the right side of the roll that you can pull off. This process works a bit similar to a croissant dough roll. Peel off the sheet and now the clothes roll will stick.

Step 2:

Roll over the surface you want to depilate / depilate. All dust particles, balls, fluff and/or hair will now stick to the adhesive roller and will thus be effectively removed from the fabric.

Step 3:

When lint disappears from the fabric less quickly, the roll is probably full. Now repeat the process from step 1 and remove the adhesive sheet from the roll. Find a point on the right side of the roll and pull the paper off. This way a brand new, clean adhesive sheet appears again. Discard the used adhesive sheet in the trash.

Step 4:

Done rolling? Simply close the cover on the roll and store the clothes roll in the supplied storage bag.

Step 5:

Have all adhesive sheets been used and is the white roll in the clothing roll holder used up? Then it's time to change the role. Each clothes roller automatically comes with 3 rolls (in addition to the roll that is already included, there are therefore 2 extra rolls in the set). Grab one of these two re-fill rolls and exchange it with the roll that has run out. You can change the clothes roll as explained in the video below.

An ideal gift for Fashion Lovers

Do you do your best to always look well-groomed and well-dressed? Then a clothes roller is a must-have. A nice jacket, shirt, sweater, trousers or scarf that is covered in hair or fluff immediately looks unkempt, while this can be easily remedied in no time. Just roll over it with a sticky roller and your clothes will be neat and fresh again in seconds.

When you order the Luxury Clothing Roller, you will receive 3 adhesive rollers in a nice storage bag. Each roll has 50 adhesive sheets. You will enjoy the matte black clothes roller for years to come, and your clothes will always look radiant.

Discover in this blog what else you can use the clothes roller for! It is not only useful for clothing, but for a lot more.

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