8 situations where a clothes steamer saves the day

Steaming is an easy, time-saving and gentler alternative to ironing. It is also much more durable. If you steam your clothes instead of washing them, they will last much longer. A steamer refreshes garments, reduces wrinkles, odors and kills bacteria. Dry cleaning is also more environmentally friendly, because you don't have to wash the clothes that just need to be refreshed.

Steaming at home

The hot steam (97-99°C) from a steamer reduces odors and virtually eliminates all bacteria. Make it a habit to steam all your household textiles once in a while! Did you also know that a steam device also works as a steam cleaner? Use it to kill bacteria when cleaning the stove, kitchen or bathroom tiles, door handles, and so on. Below you can read 8 useful tips where a steamer comes in handy!

1. Carpets

Save money and the environment by steaming your carpets instead of taking them to the dry cleaner. If necessary, use an extension cord and go over the carpet with the clothes steamer. To refresh the carpet even more, hold the clothes steamer slightly away from the carpet. This allows extra steam to escape from the device and penetrate the carpet. All bacteria are killed in this way. The textile fibers of the carpet swell, making it easier to clean and remove stains.

2. Curtains

Use an extension cord and climb a ladder to iron and clean curtains without even removing them. Super handy! Press against the fabric with the garment steamer to iron out all wrinkles with the steamer. Want to refresh more? Hold the steamer slightly away from the fabric.

3. Fabric sofas and armchairs

How often did you wash the couch? This is not really a favorite job for many. Fortunately, the clothes steamer easily steams the couch fresh. Folds in the sofa are also easy to remove with a clothing steamer and the sofa immediately looks sleek, fresh and well-groomed again. Note: Do not steam leather or suede. All other fabrics can be steamed.

4. Blankets and bedding

Ironing and then making up bed linen is a rotten job. When you have ironed your sheets and duvet covers tightly, they will still crease when you make your bed. Make the bed up first, then use a steamer to remove all wrinkles from bedding. Maybe you don't think it's that important for you to sleep in a perfectly ironed, made bed, but when you have guests over, a steamed bed looks incredibly chic. The hot steam naturally also kills the bacteria in bedding and freshens up your bed. Let it dry well before you get under it.

5. Pillows

Refreshing your pillows is a must. A lot of bacteria collect in your pillow after a few nights of sleep. These are easy to eliminate with the clothes steamer. Make sure the cushions dry well.

6. Ovens and stoves

When was the last time you cleaned the outside of a stove from bacteria?

7. Tiles

Thoroughly clean your kitchen or bathroom tiles. Start by removing excess dirt and then go through the necessary areas with the steam cleaner.

8. Mattresses

Some parts of a bed are very difficult to clean. Use the steam cleaner to kill bacteria!

9. Stuffed animals

Disinfect your children's favorite stuffed animals and freshen up the plush animal easily and quickly.

10. Removal of (old) stickers

In addition to household chores, a steamer can come in handy for removing old stickers, cleaning hard-to-reach corners, and much more, making it a versatile tool that can save the day in a variety of situations.

These are just a few examples of how a steam device can be used. Do not steam wood and leather, but otherwise use your imagination. Lots of steam fun!

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