Alles wat jij moet weten over het gebruik van een handstomer

Ben jij geen strijk-fan, maar heb je nog niet eerder een kledingstomer gebruikt? Dan gaat er een wereld voor je open. Ontdek 10 handige tips om een kledingstomer van STEAMRS te gebruiken.

Are you not an ironing fan, but have you never used a clothes steamer before? Then a world will open up for you. In this article you will discover 10 tips for using a clothes steamer

1. See which fabric you can steam

Always check carefully which fabrics you can use with your clothes steamer. There is a lot of difference in quality of steamers that are available. This difference is not only in the use of material, but also in how the steam generation and emission of the device is designed. With luxury clothing steamers from brands that specialize in producing clothing steamers, it is almost always possible to safely use the steamer on (almost) any type of fabric. Think of silk, wool, cashmere and of course cotton and other fabrics. No steamer can be used on: leather, fake leather or suede. It is always best to test the steamer on a small piece of the fabric. It is often also stated in the label whether an article can be dry cleaned or not.

2. Hold the steamer against the fabric

If you are going to steam, press the clothes steamer firmly against the fabric. This removes all wrinkles from the fabric and immediately disinfects your garment.
With delicate fabrics, hold the steamer slightly away from the item to make sure you don't damage the fabric.

A common mistake when using a clothes steamer is that people think you shouldn't press the steamer against the fabric. When you hold the steamer a few centimeters away from the fabric, you mainly only refresh the fabric, because the steam can penetrate the fabric better that way. To steam the fabric smooth, it is really necessary that you press the steam head against the fabric and make ironing movements.

3. Hang up your garment

It is more difficult to steam a garment if it is placed on a flat surface, as the steam is less able to penetrate the fabric and the fibers swell less. Therefore, hang the garment to be steamed on a clothes hanger. You can then hang this hanger with a piece of clothing on, for example, a: door handle, door frame, cupboard, shower curtain rod, or a clothes rack. You press the steamer against the fabric and pull the fabric taut with your free hand. One of my favorite steaming techniques is to put the steamer on the inside of a shirt and pull it (steam head up) from top to bottom. This way, the fabric slides smoothly over the steam head and becomes wrinkle-free extra quickly. After steaming, let the garment hang for a while to cool and dry.

Steaming horizontally and putting the garment on your bed, for example, can be very useful for trousers, collars and cuffs. This way you can exert extra pressure on the fabric and smooth it out. Not everyone shares the same preference with me for steaming while hanging, so try out which way works best for you!

4. Let your clothes dry after steaming

The hot steam may stain the fabric. A clothing steamer can also simmer some water splashes during steaming. After steaming your garment, there are often wet spots on the clothing. No problem and nothing to worry about! This is the case with every clothing steamer, whether you have purchased a very cheap or expensive clothing steamer. This simply dries wrinkle-free and neat. That is why you have to let the clothes hang for a while so that the stains can dry.

5. Choose a handheld steamer

Don't have to steam 100 garments a day? Then choose a handheld steamer. These are easy to use and can be taken anywhere. Ideal for when you also want to wear well-groomed outfits when travelling. What I also find very useful about a handheld steamer is that they are very easy to store after use. In addition, they are also cheaper than the steamers with a rod.

If you want to steam entire baskets of laundry, and are looking for an easy replacement for your iron and ironing board, then an upright clothes steamer with a rod is perfect for you. These steamers are much stronger and have a much larger water tank than handheld steamers. You often only have to go over the fabric once and all the wrinkles are gone. With a hand steamer you have to iron over the fabric a little more often to get the wrinkles out. Upright steamers are compact (compared to an ironing board) and are also very cool to look at in my opinion.

6. Dry clean curtains, furniture and bedding

I like to use the clothes steamer to give my curtains a quick refresh without having to take them completely off the rails. With a handy extension cable I can easily reach everything with the steamer. As I pull the curtain taut with my free hand, the steamer glides effortlessly over the fabric, leaving no creases. The same trick also works for my fabric sofa and chairs, and even for the cushions on the sofa. Plus, it's a great way to give my bedding a sleek and luxurious hotel-worthy look. It is especially nice when I receive guests or guests and want to make my bedroom look extra neat and tidy.

7. Remove mold

Did you know that a clothes steamer can even beat mold? Mold hates high temperatures, making a clothes steamer the ideal ally to rid your bathroom of mold and tackle those awkward corners and hard-to-reach places! After steaming, simply wipe it with a cloth and voilà! The fungus has disappeared like snow in the sun!

8. Remove stains from fabrics

With a clothes steamer you can not only remove stains from your clothes, but also make them disappear on your couch, carpet or car seats. Aim the clothes steamer at the stain for about half a minute and then wipe it over with a cloth. The hot steam swells the fibers and fills the fabric with water, making it easier to remove stains. You can always use some stain remover for very stubborn stains.

9. Cleaning and disinfecting cuddly toys

Did you know that a clothes steamer is also ideal for freshening up your children's cuddly toys? Cuddly toys are often used intensively and can smell less fresh over time. But don't worry, with the powerful steam of a clothes steamer you can give those cuddly toys a wonderfully clean and fresh feeling!

Hold the clothes steamer at a small distance from the cuddly toy for a few seconds and let the steam do its work. The heat and steam ensure that any odors and bacteria are removed, so that the cuddly toy smells nice and fresh again. In addition, you do not have to worry about the delicate fabrics of the cuddly toys, because the steam does not damage the fibers.

10. Disinfecting your home

In this time of Covid-19 and increased awareness about hygiene, a clothes steamer is an indispensable tool to thoroughly disinfect your home. The high temperature of the steam ensures that bacteria, viruses and other pathogens have no chance to survive. You can disinfect almost all surfaces in your home with the clothes steamer, such as furniture, kitchen countertops, door handles and much more.

Wishing you lots of steam fun, and thank me later! ;)

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