Everything you need to know about STEAMRS' luxury upright Professional Garment Steamer

The Professional Steamer from STEAMRS is a luxurious steamer that quickly and easily makes your clothes wrinkle-free. It's a great, stylish option for those looking for an alternative to traditional irons and ironing boards. But how exactly does the device work and what are its benefits?

How does a standing clothes steamer work?

The STEAMRS Professional Garment Steamer uses steam to de-wrinkle and refresh clothes. The device has an XL water tank and a heating element that converts the water into steam. The steam is then blown through a nozzle and directed at the clothing. The heat from the steam loosens and plumps the fibers in the fabric, so they can be smoothed and dewrinkled easily and quickly.

How long does it take for an upright garment steamer to heat up?
This Professional clothes steamer has been specially developed with only one goal: optimal user-friendliness. An important part of this is that the clothes steamer must be heated up and ready for use as quickly as possible. The clothes steamer is ready to steam within 45 seconds !

Can a standing garment steamer be used for all types of fabric?
Absolute! A professional clothing steamer has been specially developed for safe and carefree use on all fabrics, except leather and suede. Use the steamer on fabrics made from delicate silk to firm cotton and denim to easily remove wrinkles and freshen up! Try the steamer on your bedding, furniture, and curtains, for example!

Can an upright garment steamer be used to remove odors?
Of course! A standing clothes steamer can be used to remove odors. The steam can help neutralize odors and leave clothes smelling fresher. The hot steam removes odors in the clothes naturally. This means that your clothes smell fresh after steaming without having to use chemicals. The heat from the steam also kills bacteria and mites. This also makes the device suitable for people with an allergy to house dust mites.

Benefits of the STEAMRS Professional Garment Steamer

There are many benefits to using a garment steamer, and the STEAMRS Professional Garment Steamer is no exception. Below are some of the main benefits:

  • Save time: With the STEAMRS Professional Garment Steamer you can iron clothes faster than with a traditional iron and ironing board. The device heats up within 45 seconds and can be used immediately to de-wrinkle clothes.

  • No Ironing Board Required: Another great advantage of the STEAMRS Professional Garment Steamer is that you don't need an ironing board. You can use the clothes steamer while the clothes are hanging on a hanger, which makes the process much easier.

  • Safe and gentle on clothes: Garment steamers are generally safer and gentler on clothes than flat irons. The steam ensures that the fibers of the fabric are not damaged, and the risk of burnt or crushed spots on the clothing is not possible, unlike when using an iron.

  • Versatile: The STEAMRS Professional Garment Steamer is versatile in use and can be used to de-wrinkle different types of fabrics. It is not only suitable for clothing, but can also be used on curtains,

  • Ease of use: An upright clothes steamer is easy to use and does not require complicated techniques such as ironing. All you have to do is move the steam head over the clothes.

  • Saves space: A standing clothes steamer is more compact than an ironing board and iron, and therefore takes up less space in the house.

  • Removes bacteria and mites: The heat from the steam kills bacteria and mites. This also makes the device suitable for people with an allergy to house dust mites.

  • Luxurious appearance: The clothes steamer is not only very handy and functional, the design of the device, and the finishes thereof, are really beautiful and high-quality. It looks incredibly beautiful in the bedroom, clothing room, in the laundry room or, for example, in a store.

As you have read, the STEAMRS professional clothes steamer is a valuable addition to your home appliances. It is an efficient and effective way to quickly and easily de-wrinkle and refresh your clothes, without the need for an ironing board. With the adjustable hanger and the telescopic rod, this clothes steamer is suitable for different garments and it is easy to use even for people with no ironing experience. In addition, the STEAMRS garment steamer is a durable appliance that is designed to last. So if you're looking for a quick and easy way to keep your clothes looking fresh and wrinkle-free, the STEAMRS professional clothes steamer is the perfect choice for you.

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Veelgestelde vragen over de Professionele kledingstomer

Voordelen van de Professionele Kledingstomer van STEAMRS


Zeer snel klaar voor gebruik. Ontkreuk een kledingstuk binnen enkele seconden. Met de XL watertank van 3 liter, kan je meer. dan een uur onafgebroken stomen.


Een staande kledingstomer is compacter dan een strijkplank en strijkijzer, en neemt daardoor minder ruimte in beslag in huis.

Veilig en zacht voor textielvezels

De stoom zorgt ervoor dat de vezels van de stof niet beschadigd raken, en er is geen risico op verbrande of geplette plekken op de kleding, in tegenstelling tot bij het gebruik van een strijkijzer.

Verwijdert geurtjes, bacteriën en mijten

De hitte van de stoom zorgt ervoor dat bacteriën en mijten worden gedood. Dit maakt het apparaat ook geschikt voor mensen met een allergie voor huisstofmijt.

In hoogte in te stellen

Stel de verticale telescopische stoom-stang in op de ideale hoogte voor jou.