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Why is clothing care important?


We throw away an incredible amount of clothing every year, unnecessarily. This often occurs as a result of an impulse purchase, purchase of garments made of poor quality, a product that quickly goes out of fashion, or because a garment is not properly cared for.

Textile fibers are very vulnerable

Each type of fabric is made up of a different weave and with different types of textile fibers. For example, you can have a fabric made from bamboo fibers. What people often do not realize is that these fibers are vulnerable and must be treated well. Comparable to your own skin and hair.

Retention of color and shape

Proper clothing care helps maintain the original color and shape of garments, keeping them looking new for longer.

Presentation and appearance

Well-maintained clothing looks fresher and neater. This contributes to a positive presentation and gives a good impression to others.

Self confidence

Wearing clean and well-maintained clothing can contribute to a positive self-image and self-confidence. You often feel better when you look good.