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What are dryer balls and how do they work?

Are you familiar with the popular clothes dryer balls (also called Dryerballs) and are you wondering what exactly these balls do? Then read on, because we explain the benefits of this dryer hack!

Tumble dryer balls are round balls that you place in the dryer to soften your clothes and reduce wrinkles. They work by bouncing in the dryer and softening the fabrics while also circulating air between the clothes.

Grandmother's trick

In the past, tennis balls were often used to fluff down jackets and make laundry dry faster. By adding these balls to the wet laundry and spinning them together, there is more space and air between the textile pieces. However, tennis balls make a lot of noise and can damage the dryer and delicate fabrics. Fortunately, there are now many alternatives on the market that are specifically made for the tumble dryer and textiles.

Frequently asked questions about Sheep Wool Tumble Dryer Balls

The best care for your clothes, in a natural way

Softer clothes, without having to use fabric softener. Good for your wallet and the environment! A reusable set in chic packaging. Ideal to give someone as a gift!

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Last but not least: take better care of the clothes you already have!

Use the right care products to care for your clothes. Do not unnecessarily put your clothes in the washing machine, but for example run a clothes steamer over them to freshen up the fabric, or hang the fabric outside to air out. Does a substance pill? Or is there lint on it? Use a fabric brush or lint remover to breathe new life into the fabric. It certainly doesn't have to be thrown away. Use gentle detergent, without chemicals and harmful substances for your garment. This way the fabric lasts much longer!

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